Welcome to the Central Texas TEA Party!

Where Central Texans go to eat and breathe small government.

The CTTP is a grassroots movement calling awareness to any issue which challenges the security, sovereignty, or domestic tranquility of our beloved nation, the United States of America. CTTP represents the voice of the true owners of the United States: WE THE PEOPLE.

Many claim to be the founders of this movement; however, it was the brave souls of the men and women in 1773, known today as the Boston Tea Party, who dared to defy the greatest military might on earth. We are the beneficiaries of their courage.

The TEA Party includes those who possess a strong belief in the Judeo-Christian values embedded in our great founding documents. We believe the responsibility of our beloved nation is etched upon the hearts of true Patriots from every race, religion, national origin, and walk of life sharing a common belief in the values which made and keep our beloved nation great. This belief led to the creation of the modern-day Tea Party.

We are a group of conservatives who believe in government limited by the United States Constitution, the Texas Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and scriptural principles prescribed by the original law-giver Himself.

We stand by the Constitution as inherently conservative. We serve as a beacon to the masses that have lost their way, a light illuminating the path to the original intentions of our Founding Fathers. We must have a choir of voices declaring America must stand on the values which made us great, only then will the politically blind see and deaf hear!

By joining the CTTP, you are taking a stand for our nation. You will be upholding the grand principles set forth in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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